Senior Pitch and Systems Designer

Guildford, England   |   Full Time
Fortitude has a number of highly creative and unusual projects in development and we are looking for a designer who can help capture the vision of top-level concepts and translate them into mechanically sound gameplay systems and pitches that grab both hearts and minds. As successful concepts move into development, we’d expect you to be able to champion and further articulate your designs across the various disciplines in the studio to ensure that the original vision is being fully realised. You’d also be on hand as the best person to adapt and improve these designs as the project grows and evolves. 

You should have a strong talent for system design, from low-level systems such as the intricacies of combat and crafting, to broad, high-level and meta system awareness to ensure the gameplay elements are consistent and cohesive. You will need to be comfortable working in-engine, as well as working on paper or in spreadsheets to prove out or model concepts during design. You’ll also have a track record of getting things done. This could have been in another industry before switching to games, but however we get there we’re keen to find someone who can be trusted to take a high-level brief, break it down into achievable tasks (for themselves and more junior designers on the team)and then find and deliver solutions for those tasks. You should be able to explain their design choices confidently and succinctly to other disciplines, and to external publishers or partners. 

You will be comfortable presenting multiple solutions to a problem and taking direction on which to pursue. You should also be comfortable speaking up when a brief isn’t clear enough, and confident enough to push back if you feel it might be incompatible with other game systems or the overall feel. You will be amply mature enough to move on from discussions, and to own and implement a solution agreed on by the team even if it’s not your first choice. 

You will need to be very comfortable working in small, scrappier teams, and picking up loose ends where appropriate; diving in engine to make tweaks and fixes, proof-reading dialogue, or pulling together outline mood boards for the art team. Also, you’ll need to be a decent and pleasant human being — we like working with those and have a good track record of hiring them so far.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with our creative teams to continue to refine our pitching process to strike the ideal balance between consistently generating concepts while ensuring that each idea is approached and explored according to its unique merits (i.e. we don’t “cookie-cutter” our concepts!)
  • Recognising (and generating) high-quality concepts, no matter how or where they are first surfaced from
  • “Translating” very high level vision concepts into meaningful game systems that will stand up to detailed scrutiny
  • Creating pitch document wireframes that capture all relevant aspects of designs and vision
  • Working especially well with art teams to identify and select key visuals needed to best explain and support the vision and systems in the pitch documents
  • Be able to transition from pitching and concepting into hands-on design direction during prototyping and early development period
  • Developing the more junior designers working with you and providing management support where needed


We are seeking an experienced game designer who is highly capable of collaborating on game visions and able to translate top-line concepts. Ideally, you should have:
  • 5+ years game design experience within a studio environment
  • Proficient in Word, Powerpoint and Excel (or Google equivalent!)
  • Exceptional understanding of game structure and systems
  • Exceptional ability to produce clear and workable documentation
  • Wide knowledge base of past and present games, across all genres
  • Able to communicate your ideas clearly, concisely, and efficiently
  • Adaptable and able to quickly pick-up new skills and ways of working
  • Any additional experience and passion towards premium, PC & console orientated projects is highly welcome

About Fortitude:

Fortitude is a new studio based in Guildford, UK, dedicated to building innovative and creative games. Our team includes multi-BAFTA nominated talent and we have a close and highly-developed working relationship with our parent company, the Tonic Games Group, and their extensive network and support infrastructure. 

We are looking for highly-motivated and talented individuals with the passion and skills to deliver premium-quality games from day one, while growing as part of a small team working with original properties and highly-acclaimed IPs to create a world-class games studio. The Senior Pitch & System Designer is a hugely significant hire that offers the opportunity to have an enormous impact on shaping our games and the future of the studio. You’ll be working directly with our Creative Director with our art and design teams on our next rounds of flagship titles for the studio.

We look forward to your application!

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